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necrose v : undergo necrosis; "the tissue around the wound necrosed" [syn: gangrene, mortify, sphacelate]

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  1. In the context of "intransitive|pathology": To become necrotic.

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For the biological process see Necrosis
Necrose is a Brazilian grindcore band.


Necrose was founded in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in May 1992.
At first their music was influenced by local and international grindcore and noisecore bands like: Sore Throat, Napalm Death (circa Scum and F.E.T.O.), Sexorcist, No Sense, Fear of God, Dissector (whose drummer has also played in Necrose), V.N.A., Hellhouse, Unseen Terror, Minch, Extreme Smoke, Sound Pollution, W.B.I., Genital Deformities, Repulsion, S.O.B., Seven Minutes Of Nausea, Agathocles, etc.
In November 1992, Necrose recorded their first DIY demo called Dehumanized; it quickly achieved positive reviews from underground fanzines and attracted the attention of Nelson, from the Brazilian label Rotthenness Records, and the man behind New York Against The Belzebu. He invited the band to record a split LP with better-known pornogrind act from the USA called Meat Shits. The LP was pressed like two individual 7" EPs.
Acrostichon To The Rack was less successful.
Next, also by Rotthenness Records, was a collaboration with minimalist Norwegian power-electronic artist Lasse Marhaug, behind the Herb Mullin project name. The Necrose side is called Bizarre Fairy Tales.
In the same year, another work was made in collaboration with Seven Minutes Of Nausea. Simply called Necrose / 7 MON, the work had conceptual art and theme lyrics from Necrose, versing through the 50 birthday years from the end of Second World War, and the Nazi influences up to the present day.
The last release with the original line-up, called The End was a collaboration with a São Paulo band, Deadmocracy.
Some pressings of the record had the labels transposed, causing confusion among fans.
Necrose are noted for the use of a pitch shifter on vocals, keyboards and drum machine to sound more extreme and chaotic, heard particularly in Chords of Chaos and Sem Estilos Para Definir o Nosso Ódio (No Styles To Define Our Hate).
Necrose split up in September 1997.

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